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Introduction to Network Operations Online Course


The Internet Society invites engineers from Africa to participate in an intensive online course titled “Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/LINUX, Networking and DNS” aimed at entry level Network and Systems Administrators. The course is practically oriented and guides the trainee step by step on how to install and setup a working server, connect it to the Internet and then run a DNS Server in a Virtualized environment. The techniques covered in the course are applicable in real world environments. All that is needed to take the course is a PC or Laptop with a modern browser running an operating system supported by Virtual Box, an Internet connection, and dedicated time to complete the course. 

Workshop Goals and Outline

Overall objective: 

After completing the course, participants attending this course will be able to install and manage a UNIX or Linux server and use it to provide DNS Caching services on a live network. The course is aimed at participants who are technically competent but may have had little or no prior exposure to the Unix/Linux environment. The topics and concepts covered in the course include:

  • How to install a UNIX Operating System in a Virtual environment
  • Networking concepts – IPv4 and IPv6 
  • How to install 3rd party software on a UNIX or Linux platform using Software management tools
  • How to work on the UNIX/Linux shell 
  • How to edit files in UNIX and Linux and create simple scripts
  • How to build and activate a caching DNS Server and
  • Understanding the role of DNS on the Internet

Who should apply

Software Developers and Systems Administrators with a desire to learn basic Unix/Linux server Administration, DNS Server administration skills and or acquire Basic Networking skills.


Experience in managing PCs and installing software (such as installing the 'Windows' operating system), but not necessarily Linux/Unix. Some prior Unix/Linux experience would be of great benefit but is not mandatory.


Language of instruction will be English.

 Moderation and Online Support:

Online remote support is available via Skype or Gmail Talk and also via TeamViewer

Course Duration:

The course can be completed in 1 week of dedicated time. Applicants are encouraged to take time off work to complete the course if possible. If not, successful applicants will be allowed 4 weeks to complete the course.

 Certificate of Completion

You will receive a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing the course. You will be deemed to have completed the course after:

  • Completing all 9 modules of the course in the allotted time
  • Sending a screenshot to the moderator containing specific output from your server when requested
  • Attending at least one group online call to discuss the course and your progress at a date and time to be agreed on
  • Complete the online survey at the end of the course 

Application procedure:

Registration is closed.

Application deadline:

The applications close on 12/12/2015 Applications received after this date will not be considered.

For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..