Event Information

SdNOG4 Conference
Sudan Network Operators Group (SdNOG-4) Meeting  hold  on 16 - 17 August, 2017 in Khartoum.
Location: Mamoun Behairy Center.

SdNOG meetings offer network engineers and other technical staff the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge, and identify areas for regional cooperation.

SdNOG4 Workshops
Before the plenary sessions for SdNOG-4,  there were a technical workshops from 13 - 15 August 2017,  in the form of an, instructor-led class, incorporating theoretical, and practical aspects from experts in the field.
Location: Mamoun Behairy Center.

for more information about SdNOG-4 visit: https://wiki.sdnog.sd/index.php/SdNOG-4